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We want to offer you only high quality translations. To guarantee this, EUROTEXT Fachübersetzungen GmbH works with a quality management system (QMS) in accordance with ISO 9001. We have been certified since 2010 and we make every effort to improve our work continually. We can see from the annual audits by TÜV Süd that our translation agency’s concern for quality is bearing fruit: we conform to the standard and achieve our targets.

ISO 9001: transparency, more customer satisfaction and continuous improvement

ISO 9001 is the most widespread, and thus the most important, quality management standard in the world. It specifies minimum requirements that a company’s quality management system must fulfil to guarantee the quality of its services and products and optimise them continuously. For this purpose, for example, companies determine and document all processes and check whether they are economical or require improvement and how errors can be avoided. In this way, ISO 9001 contributes to increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, it makes internal processes transparent and comparable.

Certified companies must have the effectiveness of their quality management system audited annually by the competent certifying body. In addition, every three years a recertification audit clarifies whether the certificate is renewed.

DIN EN ISO 17100 – the quality standard for translation service providers

The quality of your translations is very important to us at EUROTEXT Fachübersetzungen GmbH. This is why we are guided not only by the cross-sector standard ISO 9001, but also by DIN EN ISO 17100 – the European quality standard for translation service providers. This standard specifies the requirements for project management and the translation process, the professional competence of translators and the scope of proofreading. At EUROTEXT Fachübersetzungen GmbH we apply the principle of dual control: all translations are read by a second translator with the same qualifications. This guarantees you a fault-free and fit-for-purpose translation

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